My Article in Zeek


My article in the journal Zeek on the misuse of Jewish-Muslim history in the writings on the Arab-Israeli conflict.


4 responses to “My Article in Zeek

  1. Roi,

    This is a very interesting article. And I really enjoyed reading it and the way you traced the thread of this debate through history. But I think that history sucks because it’s majorly and most of the time exploited by people to prove their opinions or directions. The two sides opinion doesn’t make sense to me because they are fighting over something thats already dead and they are trying to revive it for their own purposes. My suggestion is that we all, muslims and jews, should look at what’s going on at the present… we should make a look to the future and know if we want to go on the same debates that has been going forever, or find a solution, a third place where we all can meet and make a new history for the generations that will follow… I think that’s what we all should talk about.

  2. Roi,

    The “Palestinian refugees for Jewish refugees” part cracked me up!! I know its a very serious issue for many people! But as a Palestinian who avidly studied the refugees problem and right to return, I couldn’t but laugh when I read this! 🙂
    We need to talk furthur about this.

  3. Fal, I hear what you are saying about history. I think that we need to get people in our side of the world to rely less on memory and more on imagination. What do you say?

  4. Yes exactly…. That’s what I mean. Keeping that old debate about who descriminated against who, and who humiliated who, is useless and will take us nowhere!! Using our creativity and imagination in solving the current problems and planning a better future, is our only hope and savior.

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