Quote Of The Day: Samuel Mockbee

Architecture, more than any other art form, is a social art and must rest on the social and cultural base of its time and place. For those of us who design and build, we must do so with an awareness of a more socially responsive architecture. The practice of architecture not only requires participation in the profession but it also requires civic engagement. As a social art, architecture must be made where it is and out of what exists there. The dilemma for every architect is how to advance our profession and our community with our talents rather than our talents being used to compromise them.

Samuel Mockbee (1944-2001) Prophetic architect and founder of the Rural Studio – A project that enables students to build modern and sustainable homes for impovrished families.


One response to “Quote Of The Day: Samuel Mockbee

  1. Opening your world to architecture? you chose here one of the exemples of “the” good architecture to my eyes: the architecture that responds to the place where it is built. not only the climate and geography, but the socio – cultural and economic circunstances of the place.

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