Marriage and Happiness

Don’t tell this to the couple above, nor to my grandmother, but according to a new psychological study marriage does not make people happier than they were prior to getting married. An article in Psychology Today reports that though people react strongly to events such as marriage, they return to their personal “set point of happiness” after a certain period of time.


7 responses to “Marriage and Happiness

  1. isn it the marriage the dream of receiving God s blessing in a “new start”, the necessity of cityzenship for one, the way to have economic stability or just the respond to a society that thinks is the right thing to do?

  2. Well, marriage can be good experience , it is all matter of expectations.
    Looking at the ceremonies, celebrations and huge level of high expectation for a dramatic change that this industry creates, may explain part of the problem.
    People enter into marriage with false expectations, they expect total exceptance ,no matter what, and sometimes they take each other for granted. It may lead to huge disappointments if the people are not aware of it. As in any other area is it a matter of setting the proper expectation and managing it.
    All from some one that was in the wrong side of the 50% statistics. Still I know it can be different all if we get it right with the right person…

  3. Mmmmmm. This makes alot of sense!!
    I didn’t get married before so I can’t tell for sure… If I, God forbid, decided to make such a step, I’ll for sure let you know what I think 🙂

  4. I think that it is a misperception of what marriage is that allows the masses to jump into it head first..the perception of it being an answer to our Happines..the answer to cleanse our souls as sex before marriage will condem us..but..if nothing is new under the sun..I know that Everyone throughout time has been confronted with this issue of sex and marriage and being a woman lucky enough to have been born with rights I have been very capable to determine my own happiness with or without a husband!!

  5. The same thing has been said of many different life events – marriage, buying the house of your dreams, getting the career you always wanted, having children, becoming rich, etc.

    One study showed that true happiness is only achieved in the fulfillment of your childhood dreams. Meaning, whatever it was that you dreamed of becoming and accomplishing when you were young is the thing that will most fulfill you in adulthood. Most people move away from their original dreams as they get older for practical reasons. If you can find your way back to them, that is where true happiness lies.

  6. I never viewed marriage as “the answer” to a problem, nor has it ever occurred to me that a couple would be happier once they tied the knot. I also don’t think it matters if you’re having kids – meaning, it’s not a big deal if you have them before or after you’re married, and just because you want to get married doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to have kids. For a long time I felt that it was simply a contract to sign in order to get health insurance or citizenship status or “half” (lol) and as someone who is independent and in need of none of the above, getting married never seemed to matter. However, delving deeper into the heart of it and why we still do it is, to me, all about making a declaration in front of your loved ones, having them witness the promise that through good and bad times this partnership is for life. I don’t claim to be traditional in most aspects of my life, but there’s something about that promise, that contract, that statement of “til death do us part” that makes me view marriage as a serious and wonderful decision not to be taken lightly.

  7. “Till Death do us Part” will happen with or with out


    I believe that over half the men that get married are pushed into it by women that are brought up to believe in “Fairy Tales” of Happily Ever After and if standing up in Front of G-D can be taken so lightly..and..the divorce rate will back me up on that..then I for one say it’s time to let go of the Dream..or..the feeling of the dream..

    Please ladies take an anthropology class and read what Margret Mead had to say on the subject of “this relationship being Forever” lol. Most relationships Do Not Last Forever. We have at least 3 important bonds through out life, for love, for friendship, for sex, to grow old with.

    How it is that it works for some people and not for others is beyond me but I for one am not worried about the marriage service or even the marriage..I try to stay focused on the feeling of happiness and oneness that I get from the feeling of LOVE not the contract of marriage.

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