Art Proper

James Joyce once wrote that art proper serves as a gateway to the gods, but what about art that attacks the Gods, or those who worship them? In Thailand, a young artist by the name of Nupong Chanthorn caused a great uproar with his painting (above) entitled Bhikku Sandan Ka (Monks With Traits of a Crow). According to an article in the Asia Times, the painting has sparked a debate within Thai society over wither Buddhist monks are a legitimate target of criticism. One side argues that monks are sacred and should not be insulted (and here I thought Buddhist had no-self and practiced non-attachment), while the other side argues that it is not only proper to criticize monks, it is a religious duty to expose wrong-doings in society – no matter the source.


5 responses to “Art Proper

  1. Que bien que no le quitaron el premio recibido y que continuará a ser expuesto. El artista tiene todo derecho a expersarse y criticar la realidad que él ve en esta sociedad. No considero esté faltando el respeto a nadie al opinar sobre religíon y humanidad.

  2. Gaby, I like that you write in Spanish. Here is what Babelfish says you wrote: (I took out what I could not understand – if something essential is missing please add it back.)

    “The artist has all right to express himself and to criticize the reality that he sees in this society. There is no need to respect anyone when thinking about religíon and humanity.”

  3. The artist has all right to express himself and to criticize the reality that he sees in this society. He is not being blasphemous for speaking about the the monks, they are humans after all

  4. Do you think that they were aggressively attacked because they are monks?
    Would they get the same reaction if they were just” ordinary people” without special identity?

  5. I am not sure if the artist himself was a monk?

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