Nine (Mis)used Words

Really funny article from Cracked about 9 words that don’t mean what you think they mean.

“The English language is under assault by stupid people who use words they don’t understand, and is defended by pompous asses who like to correct those people. We’re not sure who to side with.

So, here are some words that you’ll see used incorrectly on a daily basis, and a helpful guide as to just how big of a dick you’d have to be to correct people on it. We have also included many pictures of these words being read by women with large boobs.”

To read on, click here.


3 responses to “Nine (Mis)used Words

  1. um….I used like half of these words wrong..really I got a plethora of them incorrectly!

    Good stuff bro. ….thanks for making me feel like a pesudo intelectual 😉

  2. What a picture,. It tells the whole story . The story of making bad dictions, in real time. Just by looking at the pictures you must know something is very wrong with those people”. Just by looking at the pictures you know there are huge problems that need to be solved..for sure President Bush had no idea why shouild he?

  3. They forgot to include the word ‘surreal.’ Have you noticed how just about EVERYBODY uses this word to describe absolutely EVERYTHING out of the ordinary. I literally cringe when I hear it. A car accident is NOT surreal. An unexpected turn of events is NOT surreal. A monkey doing the backstroke is surreal.

    Thanks for the article.

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