Quote of the Day: Cornel West

From a short but fantastic interview West gave to Voices of Anti-Semitism.

I begin with the notion that we are all cracked vessels, meaning that as vanishing organisms in space and time, we have fears, insecurities, anxieties, sometimes even inner demons with which we all have to come to terms. And given that humanness of each and every one of us, we’re all part of a certain family, community, society, culture, history, which is shot through with different forms of xenophobia. This is what, in part, human history has been. So the question is going to be: what kind of courage do we have to examine those prejudices that we do have in order to become more decent and compassionate human beings?

3 responses to “Quote of the Day: Cornel West

  1. Very well written. I love the part that he talks about the common fears and inner demons which we all have to come to terms with it. I think you need courage to admit in this collective phenomena. Although the fact that it is collective may take the burden of the individual responsibility of his private demons and his actions accordingly.

  2. Basterebbe guardare negli occhi l’altro ed avere la sensibilità di riconoserci noi stessi, con gli stessi bisogni e le stesse paure.

  3. Laura, here is my translation of what you wrote: “It would be enough to watch in the eyes the other and to have the sensibility and recognition that we are the same, with the same needs and the same fears.” Does that translation pass?

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