Moving Blog from a US Soldier in Iraq

Sean Anderson blogs about his experience as an active duty solider in Iraq. In this beautifully written entry entitled The Old Man and the Ghetto Williams describes an arresting moment of humanity between him and an old Iraqi man.

At the end of our time together, he pulls me in close, almost to an embrace, grabs my arm and almost in a raspy whisper says “You are a good man. You have the kindest eyes I have known in my life, too kind to be a man of soldiering. You are a man of honor and your heart is kinder than your years.”. He releases me, shakes my hand and then turns to walk back into his house. There are tears in my eyes, my legs are shaky and a strong chill startles my spine. Despite being blown -up, shot at, hated, spit at, had shit thrown at, in the middle of this ghetto in some no name neighborhood in the backwoods of a city in northern Iraq, two men met and became friends in the gravest of places. I couldn’t invent that man’s words if given all the time in the world. “You have the kindest eyes..”


3 responses to “Moving Blog from a US Soldier in Iraq

  1. War stories have always the qulity and smell of an event that changes your life.
    This is one is really beautiful.

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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