Poem of the Day: Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror
By Roi Ben-Yehuda

The enemy and me

Face to face

Dream to dream

Fear to fear

Broken mirror

Image of each other

Children of stone

Children of idea

Eat Grandfather’s scars

Drink Grandmother’s tears

Clutch keys without locks

Grasp throats that never stop

Rooted in the holy soil

Inheritors of an unholy-land


3 responses to “Poem of the Day: Broken Mirror

  1. Really profound poem. Just loved it. Hope ths is the first of a long serie.

  2. This is a beautiful poem. It demonstrates the complete loss and absence of hope that people of all ages feel in a hopeless situation such as war. The lost of the world the used to live in ,the sad story of an unholy land..It is tragic tale that the poem express so well!

  3. Solo con la solidaridad entre los seres humanos desaparecera la discriminacion y llegaremos, como humanidad, a dar un salto evolutivo. Suerte en tu tarea!

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