My Brother, Sneakas, in Da News!

My brother (literally), MC Sneakas, is in the news. Check out this great article (in Hebrew) about him. Also keep in mind that his new CD “In It For The Change” hits US stores March 4th.


5 responses to “My Brother, Sneakas, in Da News!

  1. thanks for the love big brother….

  2. Nice article. “In it for The Change?” What kind of change? The article does not elaborate on the words of his songs. Can you?

  3. Good article.
    I would love to get some info on the words that he has in his songs.

  4. Hi Yoni & Roi

    It has been a long while – I see all is well- ah the cd dropped yesterday nice…. I would love to speak with Yoni- I hope you guys remember me.

  5. Hey

    I am looking for Yoniregarding the Maccabiah.
    If he could write back or contact me, I would appreciate it. A lot!

    Thanks and hope to hear from you (him),

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