Muhammad Was A Punk

The Prophet Muhammad was punk, according to Knight, because he was a nonconformist who fought for what he believed. A growing number of young Muslims who resist their parents’ orthodox views, but also struggle with the values of their non-Muslim friends, are embracing punk. Muslim punk provides a place to forge a new identity for young Muslims confused about religion and their role in American society, particularly as they are bombarded by negative stereotypes of Muslims in a post-9/11 America. At the same time, Muslim punk offers a palpable way to express anger toward the orthodoxies of fundamentalist Islam.

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2 responses to “Muhammad Was A Punk

  1. The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) was not, as you claim, a punk. He was a fearless and courageous leader that defeated much larger armies to spread the word of Allah – the most highest. Please be respectful of those whose religion may differ from your beliefs. I am very sensitive about this topic and attempts to discredit the Prophet sends me into blinding fits of holy rage.

  2. The word punk here is used in its positive not negative conotation. It is a term of respect.

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