Need Your Help With Ideas For A New Humor Article

I am writing a new humor piece entitled:

Top Five Books to Read While Taking a Crap – Books that can transform your bathroom experience. An intellectual ode to Al Bundy.

Since readers of my blog are smart and educated 🙂 maybe you can help. Do you have any book recommendations? List your your books and state your reasons.



p.s. If this offends you, get over it – EVERYBODY POOPS.


4 responses to “Need Your Help With Ideas For A New Humor Article

  1. Well, you could start with ‘Poop Culture.’ Check it out: I’m sure you were looking for something a little less literal, but it’s a start.

  2. It is difficult to limit a book recommendation list to five, but to come up with a list of toilet books that is universal is, perhaps, impossible. The biggest problem I can see is that the most obvious choices, the books that will bore the shit out of you–The Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Dianetics, etc.–must be excluded for fear of offending religious assholes. The writings of Freud, too, cannot make the list (for obvious reasons). Anything related to contemporary politics is bound to anger the reader, causing the anus to tighten, so politics is out. Another problem is that some people have regular bowel movements, in which case light reading is apropos, while others might use the extended poop-time for serious scholarly reading. Taking all this into consideration, I would choose something pithy and aphoristic, perhaps Nietzsche’s Human All Too Human, or Goethe’s Maxim’s and Reflections. Issac Asimov’s Book of Facts might be another good choice for you quick-ploppers. For those of you who are a little backed-up, you might want to stay with Tolstoy, Kant, Hegel, Proust, or Musil.

  3. Jay, you had me laughing out loud. Good one. btw, the religous books don’t bore the shit out of me, they scare it 🙂

  4. katia santibanez

    I have a suggestion, a book about philosophy and jokes: “PLATO and PLATYPUS walk into a bar……” by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein.
    Laughing makes you relax and that’s what you want when you are in the bathroom.
    A man stumbles into a deep well and plummets a hundred feet before grasping a spindly root, stopping his fall. His grip grows weaker and weaker, and his desperation he cries out, Is there anybody up there?”
    He looks up, and all he can see is a circle of sky. Suddenly, the clouds part and a beam of bright light shines down on him. A deep voice thunders, ” I, the Lord, am here. Let go of the root, and I will save you.”
    The man thinks for a moment and then yells, “Is there anybody else up there?”

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