Hebrew Mamita – Da Mix

Check it out – Some cats from Germany managed to remix the poetry (below) of my friend Vanessa Hidary, aka the Hebrew Mamita. Have a listen.

The Straw that Broke the Pussy’s Back
By Vanessa Hidary

This pussy, is shut down for your business



Far Far Away

For sale sign in the window

And the new rent -is too high for you to afford

You had it so good.

Shopped till you dropped

Access at all times of the night

Your picture on the wall-

Employee of the goddamn month

For 8 months straight

I dusted, trusted, your busted ego my friend

But now that’s all come to a screeching end

Cause This pussy, is shut down for your business!

Closed. Done.

No hairpin or credit card can pick this lock

Once a master locksmith you’ll now be unemployed

on welfare

Cause I’m telling you this pussy, is shut down for your business!

Gone south for winter

Filed for spiritual bankruptcy

Packed, duct taped, boxes piled high

Lost our lease, bye, see ya later

Glad you enjoyed the sample sales, the 4 star service,

The customer is always right attitude

The prices I marked down, down, down, down,

For your peddling ass, door to door with your hustle.

Worse than any sleazy encyclopedia salesman,

I can’t believe I let you browse my goods

let alone get them on full credit.

Once tried to close shop like a lady

But then your shady ass came back right to me

Just as I was about to do inventory!

Why? Cause It’s been convenient, warm, open 24 7

And your monopoly money was “ch- chinged” with no questions

But Playa, you just landed your dice on Go to motherfuckin jail,

The management has ordered no more red dot sales

Cause I’m telling you this pussy is shut down for your business

No pity party over here-

I admit I played the fool,

let you in time and time again

so maybe I deserve this

But now this store is being remodeled, refurbished

Construction, saw dust, rewiring and the whole shit

Motherfuckers might get electrocuted if they step a little too boldly to the right

They have you to thank

For the once friendly general store gone corporate

Yes that’s right, this pussys going corporate

The unionless pussy just got fucked just one too many times

How American

The mom and pop stores always getting fucked over by the Chains

So broke from your looting spree,

I Can’t afford to beat em, so I’ll join em,

My god, what a fool I was to trust robbers with a screen door

I should of bolted up my shit, sliding chains, padlocks, bullet proof and the nine,

Even a mere childproof latch might have kept you at bay

But now I’ve cracked my own code, saw stock in bigger business,

And now This pussy is shut down for your business!

No big loss to you I’m sure

Other stores will open their doors wide to you

Then stare Dumfounded when their shelves are empty and their registers are bare,

So go and snip opening day ribbons at someone else’s door

Tell some naïve entrepreneur, she needs not buy insurance and protection

As for me? I have no forwarding info

the better business bureau is on my side

You’ll next see me on a cruise

Pina coloda in my outstretched hand

Mr. Rork at the shore putting a Hawaiian thingy- majiggy around my neck

Aloha motherfucker!!!!!!!!!

I’m on Fantasy Island making millions writing your story

Cause when you thought you were screwing me,

I was already on page 23,

Too bad You never saw the fire in me

Now-I’m Turning rags to riches

Cause maybe you thought I was one of those forgive and forget bitches

No fool. I’m One of the slickest revenge by the pen snitches,

See who’s where- when all the power switches

Cause this pussy is forever shut down for your motherfuckin business!!!!!


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