Word of the Day: Gormandize

Gormandize [GOAR-mahn-dize’] intransitive verb

1. To eat immodestly, especially greedily or gluttonously; to make a pig of oneself: “Jason destroys any semblance of dinner table peace with his grunting and loud chewing. If he must gormandize, can’t he do it more quietly?” transitive verb

2. to devour, or swallow voraciously: “Tom, please stop gormandizing the pot roast, the children think they’re next.”

Origin: Approximately 1550; from French, ‘gourmandise’: gluttony; from Middle French, ‘gourmand’ + suffix ‘ise’.

In Action:

“And even in regard to those who have it in their power to gratify their appetites to the utmost extent of their wishes, it is surely rendering them a very important service to show them how they may increase their pleasures without destroying their health. If a glutton can be made to gormandize two hours upon two ounces of meat, it is certainly much better for him, than to give himself an indigestion by eating two pounds in the same time.”

Count Benjamin Rumford (1753-1814). American born British physicist and inventor. ‘Third Essay’.


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