The Problem with the phrase “Oh my God”

Interesting short article about the use of the expression “Oh my God”. The one point that the articles misses is that “OMG” is problematic not only because it invokes God at inappropriate times, but also because it suggests that God belongs to individuals and that your god may be different from my God (hints of polytheism).

“Oh my God!

”The expression, once considered taboo in polite conversation, has become as commonplace as “that’s cool” or “see you later” in American parlance. The acronym, OMG, is nearly as ubiquitous. Room-chatters rely on it; so do text-messagers. The search engine Yahoo now uses OMG as the name of a gossip-alert service.

But for many, the omnipresent phrase sounds like a sinful swipe at the Almighty. Or at least another iceberg of disrespect cracking away from the ice cap of civility.

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5 responses to “The Problem with the phrase “Oh my God”

  1. No matter how you may try to explain this away. Oh My God is very, very offensive to the Christian faith as I imagine they are referring to the God of the bible. If not it is still an insult to other people’s god. I am a Christian and this phrase makes me cringe, mainly for embarassment for the people saying it. What if we were to say Oh My Allah…..I am sure there would be an outrage from the Mulsim socienty. Please, please refrain from this habit.

    • It isn’t offensive. No one thinks of God when they say the phrase. They only think of how scared or frustrated they are, not about wanting God’s help.

  2. why is every one so worried about offending the muslim religion when all they preach is hatred,if there really is a Allah he must live downstairs,upstairs is for good people,don’t foget that

  3. Before God, nobody is a good person because God’s standards of good are too high. To God, good means perfection. Anyless then that is considered evil. That’s why God created 2 rituals of forgiveness. The first was before Christ… the ritual was to sacrfice a lamb or dove and ask for forgiveness. That’s the old way, now God made a new way, which is the only way to gain forgiveness. That’s by believing that Jesus Christ died for your sins… like the lamb in the old way, Jesus was a sacrfice on the cross for your sins. God died for you because he loves you. Give him a fair look, a God that’s willing to die for you is worth a serious look and ear. So when your forgiven of your sins, through Jesus Christ… your clean… spotless…. perfect! Good and will go to heaven. Also it’s important to note that God forgives ALL sin to the genuinely repented sinner, again to the genuinely repented… you can’t fool God, and just say ok God I accept you… no it’s also a heart matter, you gotta mean it too.

    John 3:16

    16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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