Obama Not Good Enough to Deal with Osama

Reza Aslan writes an excellent article on why Obama’s lack of experience in foreign policy is a deal-breaker when it comes to the Middle East. Aslan notes that attempts to overcome Obama’s inexperience with appeals to his “fresh face” and “intuitive sense of the world” is a cause for concern.

Money Quote:

The main issue in U.S. foreign policy that the next president will face is repairing our image in the world. But in foreign policy, unlike advertising, image is created through action, not branding. Which is why one cannot help but sense a touch of shirking (not to mention a lack of short-term memory) in all this talk about “intuitive experience” and “re-branding images,” particularly when it comes from those who began the “New American Century” as ardent supporters of Bush’s wars and his self-advertised “gut” instincts.


One response to “Obama Not Good Enough to Deal with Osama

  1. katia santibanez

    Great article and I hope Obama and many other people will read it.
    It is time for the US politicians to work with other countries and vice versa.
    Our voices( Americans and foreigners living in the US) and our attitude count to change the image of the US.

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