Ugly Ashkenazim?


Last night my friend Tom and I were walking around Tel-Aviv beach, when we encountered three Israeli-Ethiopian girls ambulating around drunkenly. We walked by them, and gave them a friendly look. Since we were in the middle of a conversation about women, I think we were hoping for some flirting to go down. Instead, one of the girls gawked at us and screamed: “What are you looking at, you ugly Ashkenazim.” We kept walking, but I felt offended. Couldn’t she tell that I was 1/4 Mezrachi?

This got me thinking, for young Ethiopians living in Israel are the words “ugly Ashkenazim” a tautology? Or were Tom and I particularly hideous?

7 responses to “Ugly Ashkenazim?

  1. Dude, don’t you know anything about women? She totally wanted you!

  2. katia santibanez

    Usually with women a NO means a YES (I know, I am a woman) but that girl was a bit angry, I understand you were offended.
    Her angry attitude is not worthy to care about.
    Don’t worry you and your friend are not hideous at all.

  3. Thanks K, but my offense was only in humor 🙂

  4. katia santibanez

    good, it’s better

  5. 70% of Ethiopian families have no incoming salary.

    63% of employed Ethiopians work in non-professional fields.

    The average Ethiopian salary is below the poverty line.

    Only 32% of Ethiopian fathers and 10% of Ethiopian mothers are employed.

    40% of Ethiopian students in grades 1-9 are below the class level for reading.

    60% of Ethiopian students in grades 1-6 are below the class level in Hebrew and Mathematics.

    6.2% of Ethiopian students drop out of school between the ages of 14-17.
    This is double the national average.

    Only 28% of Ethiopian students pass the matriculation exams-less than half the national average.

    46% of Ethiopian students are sent to boarding schools due to financial hardship.

    45% of Ethiopian parents can not speak even basic Hebrew.

    49% of Ethiopian families live with two or more people in each room.
    Due to multiple hardships, the number of juvenile delinquents is double among the Ethiopian population.

    Between 1996-1999, the number of Ethiopian youth arrested increased by 255%.

  6. Godlessless- this is such inaccurate information, your just unhappy b/c most Ethiopian girls are too hot for you..sorry but it’s the truth.

  7. Adam,

    On what basis do you claim that the info I give is wrong? I would be happy to read different (and more encouraging) stats.

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