Pic of the Day


Picture I took of a 2005 Yemenite wedding in Rosh Haayin, Israel.


7 responses to “Pic of the Day

  1. Nice one. How did you get so close? Do you know them?

  2. katia santibanez

    Beautiful and sensual picture, I also like the composition, the rings, the color of her fingernails, interesting directions curves and diagonals.
    And a moment of pleasure not only for them but for us as well. Good pic.

  3. Terry, no, I just walked into their weeding and took the pic. Rosh Haayin is a town known for its Yemenite Jewry and I really wanted to experience a traditional wedding. It was indeed beautiful.

  4. Katia, from your detailed and sensitive response it is clear that you are an artist as well. True?

  5. katia santibanez

    Yes Roi, I am an artist, painting, drawing, making prints and recently taking pictures as well.
    I could send you a catalog.
    I also liked the picture of your grandmother.
    Beauty is ageless and faces have voices.

  6. fantastico! I would love to see your work. do you have my contact info?

  7. katia santibanez

    No I do not.

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