Jewcy Thoughts on Bush’s Visit to Israel

Here are my Jewcy thoughts on Bush’s visit to Israel.

Money Quote:

“People have opined that Bush’s visit to the region is “historic” (another vomit word). He is after all, only the fourth American president to have visited the holy land (Richard Nixon in 1974, Jimmy Carter in 1979 and Bill Clinton in 1998 were his predecessors). But I believe that Bush’s visit is historic for another reason all together: Bush will be the last American president to support the Jewish state in such a lopsided manner.

I know, it seems quite far fetched—naïve even. But the writing is on the wall, and not just on the one dividing up Palestine. In the last few years it has become possible and even fashionable for all kinds of folks—politicians, intellectuals, academics, journalists, and students—to call into question the benefits of America’s relationship with Israel.

As a result, the climate of public opinion has begun to turn against the status quo. The current buzzword in the US presidential race is “change”, and if you think that Israel is not part of that equation then in the immortal words of Rob Halford, “You got another thing coming.”

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One response to “Jewcy Thoughts on Bush’s Visit to Israel

  1. George Bush had to visit Israel because of his use of Religion and the book of Revelation to scare the American people into voting for him (to keep homosexuals from getting married)and to back his UnG-dly war. George Bush is actually using the Christian right wing to fight the Muslim right wing so as to change economic satus thus making himself richer with oil prices. Israel means nothing to him and his visit was just a show for the fundamental Christians who are waiting for Jesus to return there and convert us all LOL but upon realizing this, is it any wonder that the buzz word is Change? Real Change is Needed but in what Form that change comes in will be interesting to see.

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