Featured Friend: Talya Solan

Bio: “Talya is one of the most interesting contemporary voices in the Israeli ‘World Music’ industry. She graduated Tel-Aviv University’s Art Faculty with honors and was the winner of the “Sharet’s merit scholarship” in the root music category. Talya’s singing is versatile and multi-colored. She elegantly gallops from Yemenite trills to Bulgarian folk songs. Through singing, she expresses her roots (Bulgarian and Yemenite) and her curious soul. Her performances derive from a wide range of traditions and musical heritages: folk songs, Gypsy songs, the Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) music, liturgical songs for holidays and weekdays from the Jewish religious texts (the Song of Songs, verses from Psalms etc) and other songs of roots and tradition are the main basis upon which Talya establishes her singing and her musical materials. Her strong attraction to unique artistic and musical realms has brought her to unusual collaborations, such as a Video Art work with the Israeli sculptress Ofra Zimbalista (“The Wedding”), a collaboration with Yael Asaf and Michal Wolf in works of Modern Dance and Flamenco, and with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s singer Gila Beshari.”

You can see and hear more of Talya by visiting her MySpace page.


One response to “Featured Friend: Talya Solan

  1. Beautiful voice

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