Video of Israeli Policeman shooting a Palestinian Suicide Bomber

Here is Lisa Goldman’s take on watching the execution take place.

She writes:

“I watched the footage of Kobi Mor shooting the wounded second suicide bomber – the one whose belt didn’t explode – about three times. It was a tricky operation, you see, because if Mor had missed he could’ve detonated the explosives belt. Or he might have given the terrorist another opportunity to pull the detonator.Then I started to feel disgusted.

With the coverage of the event. With myself, for watching.”

From Maariv, Assaf Schneider added the following (Goldman’s translation):

And the celebrations of blood, and the endless repetitions, and the pornographic details, and the “by the way” attitude with which the footage was presented. Hello dear viewers, come see how a man is killed. And because we know how much you love this style of snuff film, here – have some more. And hey, he’s dead again. Did you catch how his hand jumped? Here, we’ve got a close up for you. Look, you can see how his body jumps upward each time it’s hit by a bullet. You wanted reality? You got it. One bullet, another one and then another three. Pop-pop-pop. And those aren’t blanks, like the ones you used in basic training. Walla, too bad you don’t have HDTV, because you missed the blood spray.

How did we get to this point? How did we regress to the point of broadcasting the killing of a man so offhandedly, without even a warning that people with sensitive stomachs should distance themselves from the screen? Warnings? Who cares. Look at how the bullets are turning him into a pulp! And to hell with delicate stomachs and respect for the dead no matter who they might be, including animals.


One response to “Video of Israeli Policeman shooting a Palestinian Suicide Bomber

  1. katia santibanez

    Good post Lisa.
    The bad news was one innocent killed.
    I watched the video only once and it’s enough for me, no surprise you felt disgusted after watching it 3 times.
    Centuries ago, Rome had their gladiatorial games: cruel games and spectators were fighting to be able to see the slaves being killed, and we had the French killing other French with the Guillotine, and others condemned to be burnt at the stake ( for all kinds of different reasons)…. and always spectators willing to watch, I could keep going….
    Now in 2008 we have the internet or/and the TV to show us killings, violence, torture, we can be anywhere in the world and watch the executions.
    What pushed me to look at the video? curiosity?
    It was easy to click on the arrow play.
    Even though I do not like to watch violent images.
    Some people will find pleasure watching the video over and over or pain, I wonder.
    There is a demand for violence on a screen and now TV reality and in reality.
    We are becoming the slaves of the screen.
    Human being, what a species!

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