Sderot Protest in Tel-Aviv

This is a vid of a protest that recently took place in Tel-Aviv. The protesters are citizens of Sedrot, the town that has been bombarded by hundreds of incoming missiles from Gaza. They are expressing their anger at the way in which Israel has handled their situation. During the rally, demonstrators sounded sirens, simulating a rocket attack. Some of them held the remains of Qassams that had exploded. They are calling for Olmert to resign. The protesters are disturbing traffic in Tel-Aviv as if to say, “Sorry we are inconvincing you, but we are still here!”.


5 responses to “Sderot Protest in Tel-Aviv

  1. Well, if these gypsies don’t like it in Palestine, they sure as hell can go back to where they came from, right?

    I like the “theatrics” though. Entertaining. I wonder if Gazans have the same opportunity (and equal rights) to protest!


  2. Wow, for someone called “attending the world”, that was quite insensitive. We should not become so jaded by the conflict that we cant recognize and empathize with the suffering of others. I have been to Sderot and I can tell you that these people are in dire straits. Having recognized this does not mean that I have turned a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians in Gaza. You Dig?

    You also write: “I wonder if Gazans have the same opportunity (and equal rights) to protest!” What? Why should they have the same rights in Israel. They are not citizens of Israel. I should hope they have the same rights in Gaza – but unfortunately that place is run by Hamas (Not exactly a champion of rights).

  3. Insensitive? Strange accusation indeed, considering your statement about Gazans?

    Regardless of their status, they are under occupation, or did you forget this simple fact? If Israel was the democracy it claims to be, then it should treat the citizens of the land it occupies as humans. Terrorizing city after city in Palestine and “collective-punishment” is illegal, immoral and inhumane.

    As for the settlers, they live on stolen Palestinian lands and they do not belong there. They are terrorists themselves. Just watch the video on my blog under “Israeli Settlements..”

    When any Jew is granted citizenship and allowed to own property and reside in “Israel” – while Palestinians suffer and cannot build homes or develop their lands without the red-tape and costs Israel imposes on them- I say that Israel is the one that is not “champion of rights.

    By the way, I do hope that you are aware of the fact that all “Settlements” are illegal. So these gypsies were planted there to “raise” the number of “Israeli citizens” living on Palestinian lands so that Israel can one day make a claim to the whole of Palestine. If this is not a repeat of the ethnic cleansing of 1948- albeit with more ingenious ways – then I don’t know what else to call it.


  4. Who is under occupations? Israel withdrew from Gaza in summer 2005. Perhaps you mean under occupation by Hamas?

    What settlers? What gypsies? We are talking about the citizens of sderot – a city within the 1967 borders. Unless for you all ISrael is an illegal settlemt? In that case, we have nothing to talk about.

    You seriously need to educate yourself about this before you go commenting like that.

  5. Roi,

    I love the way that you deal with ignorance by using education, while maintaining your high standards of tolerence. May G-d keep you at Peace within yourself.

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