My Op-Ed in Haaretz: Jews for Sharia?

My Op-Ed in Haaretz about how the reaction to the Sharia proposal in Britian will effect the future of the country’s Jewish courts (Beit Din).

Key Quote:

“The debate over the sharia proposal is really a debate over the status and role of communal rights in a multicultural society. Britain, like the rest of Europe, is experiencing profound anxieties over the place of a growing Muslim minority in its midst. It is clear that a great deal of the backlash against this proposal stems from that very anxiety. But the rules of democracy have no room for double standards. The bottom line is that the future of the beit din is intimately tied to whether or not sharia is able to get some legal footing in Britain. A decision against the sharia proposal will ultimately be a decision against the beit din.”

To read the rest, click here. As usual, please leave your comments at the end of the article – Haaretz talkbacks are known to be harsh 🙂


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