Does the Army Make Real ISraelis?

I am starting a series of Vid posts for France’s channel 24. The name of the program is The Observers. Check out the first one entitled “Does the Army makes Real Israelis?”. It showcases two commercials in Israel: One that aims to shame Israelis who dodge the army, and another that aims to shame does who don’t. Commentary Provided by non-other than Joel Schalit and the anonymous but ever insightful Yael.

Below are the two commercials.


9 responses to “Does the Army Make Real ISraelis?

  1. Amazing videos… altough I can’t say I really enjoyed neither watching them nor reading Yael’s comment. I dont’ but the first one’s nationalist propaganda but I do understand why the State must make such videos. I lived in Israel for almost a year and for my opinions I was considered a ”smoleli” (leftist); still, if I’d once make aliah I’d still serve in Tzahal, like ALL my cousins do. It’s about defending our Medinah. I don’t like what some mitnajalim (settlers) do, but Israel is a free democracy and we can protest against it. But refusing to serve is not the right path.

    Las thought: I really liked that the first guy on second video when he left Tzahal he joined “national service” and was NOT LIKE those actors and models who think that devoting one or two years of their lives to their country is not a good choice. Yael had it all wrong about that. Take Di Caprio’s girlfriend as an example (she married her cousin in order to avoid draft, but went to Europe to make money and date goym)

  2. Roi, correct my comment: on the second line is “buy” instead of “but”.

  3. katia santibanez

    If Israel is a free democracy, Israelis should have the freedom to choose to serve in the army.
    Tolerance is always a better way to look at issues rather than judgments don’t you think?
    Your choice to serve in the army has to be accepted as well.
    I like what Yael says.” To give years of their lives, sometimes to kill or risk being killed……”, when you are dead you’re dead, there is no point of return.
    ” That on average every four weeks an Israeli teenager ( 18-19 years old) commits suicide in the army… ” do they deserve this?
    I wish you sincerely the best.

  4. If Israel is a free democracy, Israelis should have the freedom to choose to serve in the army.

    Funny sentence. Israel IS a free democracy THANKS TO the millions of israelies who’s been serving in Tzahal for the last 60 years (and the many ‘shomrim’ in the decades before). Israel has 7 million inhabitants; its neighboring countries have 100 million, not to mention our friends in Iran. It’s impossible to have a volunteer-army and still win every single defense war, like Israel has done through its history.

    Iabo shalom aleinu ve al culam…

  5. katia santibanez

    I see your point of view.
    But can you translate your last sentence please.

  6. Katia,

    The last sentence means “peace will come on us, and on everyone else.”

    btw, i did not forget the posting of your beautiful art works, it is coming.

  7. Jews and non Jews, Israeli born and non, boys and girls, rich and poor , right and left come to serve their society in various ways through the demanding and difficult military service. Most of the young people willing to serve in combatant duties and ranks are full of volunteers.

    katia santibanez Says:
    “If Israel is a free democracy, Israelis should have the freedom to choose to serve in the army.” == Well, democracy is not anarchy. In democracy you are free to vote and to take charge on your own destiny but yet you have to serve some social obligatory services as taxes, law obedient and compulsory military service.
    In Israel one has to stay alarmed in order to halt back Arab unending effort to harm Israel. It is not a matter of choice for the Israelis to hold guns but a compulsory duty.

  8. I have missed the first sentence above:
    The IDF is the best melting pot of the Israeli society. People of all backgrounds,

  9. katia santibanez

    Thanks for the translation Roi and your kind thoughts.

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