A Close Encounter with a Kassam Rocket

in Jewcy, Paul Widen has published an excellent, personal, and powerful article on life in bombarded Sderot. Here is excerpt after a close encounter with a Kassam rocket.

The impact is massive, in the yard of what later turns out to be a kindergarten, just across the street, ten meters away from where we are taking cover. Kassam rockets do not fall down: They strike. There is a deafening explosion and a cloud of fire, smoke, and dirt. Car alarms instantly go off, there is no silence, no respite, it is all noise.

My ears are ringing and I am thinking a mix of “fucking-shit-what-a-rush-that-was-fucking-close” and “sorry mom” (she asked me to stay away from the Gaza border). Thoughts of God are in there too, somewhere. I look at the people around me. Shira is sitting between the two other girls and looks like she wants the earth to swallow her. “Are you OK?” I say. She nods through her tears. “Are you OK?” I repeat and look at the other guys. Everyone says that they are OK. “Avi, you’re bleeding,” I inform him. “I know,” he says and smiles as he touches a scratch on his face. He is 19 and just started his army service in the Armor Corps. He is a tough guy. “You’re bleeding from your fucking nose, too,” I point out. “I’m OK,” he assures us.

To read more, click here.


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