Holocaust: Circumspection (not Circumcision) is in order

In Allvoices, published a piece on how this was a good week for those who believe that the Holocaust was a myth, or that Israel is a Nazi state (perhaps both).


From a fake memoir to a war of words that is rendering a unique historical tragedy meaningless. It seems to me that to speak about the Holocaust is to enter territory where angels fear to tread. Yet as we get farther and farther from that moment of night, we seem to get comfortable with stepping on the hollowed grounds and memory of those who perished. It is not that you have to be Jewish to talk about the Holocaust. It is that you have to be accurate and truthful. In other words, when it comes to the Holocaust, humility and circumspection (not circumcision) is in order.

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6 responses to “Holocaust: Circumspection (not Circumcision) is in order

  1. In regards to the fake holocaust memoir, didn’t the part about living with a pack of wolves raise any eyebrows at the publishing house? I mean, raising human children is not a wolf’s strong point.

  2. Great article.

    I hope media will not forget fast Monique De Wael ´s lies, falsifications and the not deserve recognition.

    J´ai moi même un message pour toi Monique:
    À mes yeux tu es un malheur pour la Belgique.
    Tu devrais admettre ton grande erreur devant les mêmes cameras qui t ont “applaudi” il y a des années. Tu as joué avec les sentiments de millions de perssones pour être renommée et gagner de l´argent.

  3. I for one, do forgive this woman, I mean she obviously has unresolved Mental issues dealing with the loss of her parents at such a young age, and the abuse of her step-father and it seems to me that she was looking for the attention from the world that she could never get from her parents.

    I also heard a wise Jewish man once say to me that anyone who say’s that they are Jewish should be considered Jewish, for who would take Everything that comes with that. So, half the world hated her when she was Jewish now the other half hates her for lying about it, will there be no end to her mental suffering, all be it that she did bring some of this on herself by writing it as a biography instead of fiction.

    So she has lost her parents as a small child, she witnessed the hate crimes against humanity and it touched her and she desperately needed to feel connected with something. She used her suffering to connect to a greater suffering.

    I believe that All things happen for a reason, even if we are Never to understand the reason, such as a loss of a parent at a young age, the Holocaust, or a lady writing a book full of untruths passing them off as the truth. The world was very eager to believe her story ( living with wolves and all) so the world has to take responsibility for itself as well.

    Some people will never believe that the Holocaust really happened and will use such things as this sad woman’s attempt to belong somewhere to say so, but some people think tupac and biggie are living with Elvis on a Greek Island somewhere too.

    Read, read and read some more but remember too that it is up to the publisher to research it’s biographies for authenticity.

  4. Yakira, you sound like a very compassionate person. But, here’s the thing. Publishing is a business. Like you say, “it is up to the publisher to research it’s biographies for authenticity.” But it is the duty of a writer to be honest with their publisher and their readers.

    I just wrote a novel. It may never be published. However, if I could convince a publisher and the world that the story is true and not fiction, they may very well beat a path to my door. Why? Because all of a sudden its relevance would increase a hundred fold. Readers, especially in America, value true stories more than fake ones. Non-fiction books fly off the shelves. Fiction books are a tougher sell. In that sense, pawning off a fiction book as a memoir makes you a cheat. Writers have been trying to get away with this for centuries. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they get caught. Either way, they are the worst type of writers because they don’t play by the rules – and the rules are necessary so that readers can distinguish between fantasy and reality.

    I could write a book right now about how I escaped from the World Trade Center just minutes before it collapsed. I’d have a publisher faster than you can snap your fingers. But it wouldn’t be right. Because I wasn’t there.
    And as emotionally wound up as I may be, there’s no excuse for it.

    So, no. I have no sympathy for the author.

  5. I agree with almost everything you just said, except that I think that woman is sick and very sad and maybe unable to make moral decesions. I too am writing a book and it may never be published either, and I would Never dream of making up something and passing it off as the truth just to get published.

    What she did is very wrong and full of disgrace but can I forgive her? Yes, I can, should she be punished in a court of law, yes I think she should, but can I forgive her, Yes I can.

    I feel sorry for her. One would have to either have ill intent or mental issues to do something like this and I am thinking she had mental issues.

    Either way, what she did is wrong in so many ways, but I am able to forgive a woman that seems so lost and sad, however if her life had been fine growing up with 2 parents and so peachy great and she did this for money or fame alone I would not be so quick to forgive.

    Let the law decide what her punishment might be and let G-D alone judge her heart. I certainly do not know her heart all be it that I do have compassion for her mental state.

  6. Folks, you really need to read the US publisher’s blog http://www.bestsellerthebook.blogspot.com/

    I am the researcher who cracked the case, and it is anything but a just a literary fraud.

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