Moses May have Smoked the Bush that was “Not Consumed”.

Haaretz reports on a new paper by Israeli psychologist Benny Shanon that suggest that Moses’ encounters with God were visions precipitated by hallucinogenic plants found in the Sinai and Negev.


One response to “Moses May have Smoked the Bush that was “Not Consumed”.

  1. OK..I can believe that, as in college when all my friends were smoking it up and I occasionally joined in, I would Always get very tired very fast of their shenanigans and retreat to my room to study G-D’s Holy words from many different religious beliefs. lol but true and

    I actually felt very close to G-d and the universe during some of those times, so I wouldn’t assume that it was an unplanned hallucination.

    If we believe that G-d is real (that being the question) then we are to assume that we believe he made the plants in question and put us in the right place at the right time with the right circumstance to bring us to a higher spiritual state of being. He did start the fire of the burnign bush lol Maybe unlocking greater truth within us.

    Now having said that, I am not comparing myself with Moses lol I am however saying that G-d is still a great mystery and how He brought about every miracle could have an earthly answer ( from how Moses had visions to how the red sea parted) a scientific answer as to how it was done on earth but from early childhood I always thought G-d to be a great Scientist and mathematician.

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