Nintendo’s Holocaust Game

A new Nintendo video game is in the making which promises to teach kids about the Holocaust. According to NYT, the game, which is entitled Imagination is the Only Escape, lets kids step into the worn-out shoes of children in Nazi occupied France. The maker of the game promises that there will be no on-screen violence and that game will be an educational tool.

While some people have found the idea “disgusting”, others (including the ADL) have been receptive to using new technology to teach about the Holocaust.

5 responses to “Nintendo’s Holocaust Game

  1. I just wanted to let you know that this isn’t Nintendo game , nor are they making it(the game cart(What they sell at the stores)). Nintendo is not licensing this game at all.

  2. Pokemon,

    Can you give reasons for your statements?


  3. To Pokemon

    The NYT article says:
    “The game is being produced by Alten8, a small, private British game company that is licensed to develop games for Nintendo U.K.”

  4. “The company Alten8 is in the process of putting out another title by Mr. Bernard for Nintendo called Eternity’s Child that deals with a fantasy world destroyed by global warming.” NYT article

    Wouldn`t be more educational a game that makes a child to deal AGAINST global warming? to actually DO something to change reality?

  5. I like the way you think gabsibabsu!!

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