What is John McCain Doing In Israel?

Republican Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain recently visited Israel as part of the Armed Service Committee’s fact-finding mission to the Middle East. During his stay in the region (which include a prior visit to Iraq & Jordan), McCain stated his stance on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and his commitment to the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis. McCain also expressed his understanding and sympathy for Israel’s iron-fisted response to Hamas’ rocket attacks in Israel, stating, “no nation in the world can be attacked incessantly … without responding”. While McCain did not visit the Palestinian territories, he did phone Palestinian President Muhmoud Abbas to discuss the peace process.

From The Observers, I gathered Haaretz’s Shmuel Rosner, author Joel Schalit, blogger Neo-Neocon, and Jewcy’s Daniel Koffler to ponder McCain’s recent visit to Israel. To read, click here.

2 responses to “What is John McCain Doing In Israel?

  1. I’m sure he came to study the truth with out the curtain of the media. I hope he studied some basic facts that peace is still a dream and not a realistic wish, that the US should move its embassy to Jerusalem and of course that the Iranian nuke infrastructure should be wipe off from the map or the face of the earth. .

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