Passover Is Coming: Reflections of Secular Jews

Jbooks asked me and a whole bunch of other secular Jews to reflect on the way in which we celebrate Passover.

Here is what I said:  

Passover has always been my favorite holiday. I love its traditions, history, imagination, playfulness, symbolism, food, and rituals. It is the one time of year that I get to play rabbi—an agnostic rabbi, that is. For a number of years, my family has hosted large seders for Jews and non-Jews alike. To make the holiday meaningful, to make it resonate with our diverse crowd, we have written our very own haggadah (there are over 3,000 haggadot in existence, what’s one more?). We incorporate modern music with ancient melodies—we actually have a band!—and make sure that all of our guests have an opportunity to participate. As for the prayers, I re-wrote them so that instead of focusing on God, we redirect our attention to humanity and to the always-relevant theme of freedom: existential, psychological, political, and spiritual.

To read some reflections (and get some ideas for your own seder), click here.  


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