My Haaretz Article Gives Birth

In response to my latest piece in Haaretz, Jewcy’s Tamar Fox explores the “Pour out your wrath” passage in the haggadah.

Here is an excerpt:

Today’s humanistic ideals try to whitewash our emotions, but as Ben Yehuda points out, wrath and vengeance are, to a certain degree, completely healthy responses to persecution and pain. There may be portions of the Haggadah that bother us, or that seem callous in light of contemporary wisdom, but there’s still value there. At the very least, we can say it’s important to understand how wounded and angry Jews were for so many generations that this became a part of our story. And if you think about the Exodus itself, it’s not hard to imagine Jews leaving Egypt thinking that they’d like the wrath and fury of God to pour down on the Egyptians who had enslaved them.

To read more, click here.


One response to “My Haaretz Article Gives Birth

  1. May you be fruitful and multiply many more times.

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