Cleaning Out God’s Mailbox


3 responses to “Cleaning Out God’s Mailbox

  1. I had 3 letters stuck into that wall and it made me a little sad to think of them being thrown out 😦 but I am sure that the symbolism of the ritual itself maifestied good positive energy into my life..not the actual scribbled prayer on a piece of paper stuck into the wall I wonder..will they recylce that paper??

  2. Even if I did not write any note this video makes me sad.
    but one good point: I felt the respect towards those hope messages: they collect them with their hands, they did not sweept them!

  3. No, Gabsy, they just stabbed and poked at them with sticks. Veddy nice? I don’t think so! (but I did like the one man’s very shiny shoes)

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