Jewcy Picks Up My Haaretz Neo-Nazi Bookstore Piece

Over at Jewcy, Daniel Koffler writes:

“Jewcer Roi Ben-Yehuda wrote up his recent trip to Barcelona for Haaretz. If you want to see antisemitism done right — or if you want to restore your confidence in the importance of Zionism — go to Europe and then wait around a while:

If the presence of swastikas were not enough, Barcelona also has the dubious honor of being home to Europe’s most infamous neo-Nazi bookstore, brazenly titled “Europa Bookstore: Persecuted Books – The Truth Will Set You Free.”…

The books in the store were a literary mix covering revisionism, fascism, Israel-bashing, Hitler-praising, anti-immigration and homophobia. To this was added DVDs and CDs of Hitler’s “greatest hits.”

In my best Spanglish, I told a young woman who asked if I needed help that I would like to take some pictures and talk to her. She hesitated and then declined, but told me that I could “come back tomorrow and speak to the leader.”…

[A]s I walked around I had a “for the six million!” moment. One of those moments that lead Jews to do something about injustice. So I took out my camera and started taking pictures…

“Give me your camera,” she had raised her voice. “I want to see the pictures. I want to eliminate the pictures!”

“Leader”; “eliminate.” The great thing about European fascists and racists is that they traditionally haven’t put up much of a pretense of not being fascists and racists. Sadly, though, the new crop of the European far-right seems to be taking trans-Atlantic PR cues. Even the most deranged neo-Nazis on these shores feel compelled to wrap their hatred up in some public interest cause — like saving the wombs of white women from the Pornocaust. So it’s comforting, in its way, to learn that there’s a little corner of Catalonia where the good stuff, the real unadulterated neo-Nazism is served straight up, no chaser.”


One response to “Jewcy Picks Up My Haaretz Neo-Nazi Bookstore Piece

  1. so where are the pictures you took? can you post them?

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