Iron Maiden Wins Best British Band – In-Concert Acceptance Speech.

10 responses to “Iron Maiden Wins Best British Band – In-Concert Acceptance Speech.

  1. Encantado. Me encanta iron maiden…la mejor.
    Buenos diaz.

  2. hi lara,

    yes, me too. i love Maiden. going to see them soon – again.

  3. Estupendo! I too. In Merida, tu?

  4. Zaragosa! Merida is too far from Barcelona. I am very excited. It is will be my 13th time seeing them (saw them in ISrael, USA, England, and France). you?

  5. btw, i did buy tickets to the Merida show. But when I found out about Zaragosa, i decided to go there instead. now I am stuck with two extra tickets. do you know if anyone who would be interested in buying them (two for the price of one)?

    I am so excited about seeing this show – it will be like like LIve After Death peppered with Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son. Can’t believe we are going to be so lucky 🙂

  6. Lo siento we buy five tickets for me and my friends from the university.
    I hope they play Dance of death album…so good.
    I saw them in Mexico city and australia, this is my three time. 13????

  7. that is ok. as for Dance of Death, they will not play this time. only classics from the 80’s.

    yes, 13 times. i have been going to Maiden shows since I was a kid (I am 32 now).

    how did you find my blog?

  8. Maybe when i be 32 I see them not 13 but many times. I fund your blog from france24 i read it all the time and the stories people put . This is your email?

  9. I can see myself in the crowd. What a night!

  10. Oi, i saw them in Budapest, Apparently that was their biggest concert =O it was so fucking amazing!!!

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