Jewcy Thoughts: Tzipi Livni And Kevin Garnett Can Solve The Arab-Israeli Conflict

After he became a champion, an emotional Kevin Garnett said that all is possible. Well, how about solving the Arab-Israeli conflict? Here is my Jewcy article on the why Tzipi Livni and Kevin Garnett give me hope the Arab-ISraeli conflict can be solved:

Here is an excerpt:

The historian J. Rufus Fears noted that great leaders – from Pericles to Lincoln to Churchill – share four characteristics. They are anchored in principles, guided by a moral compass, posses a vision, and have the ability to build consensus to achieve their vision. These are the qualities that differentiate them as statesmen as opposed to mere politicians.

Unfortunately, the current leadership in Israel is the epitome of mere politicians. Prime-Minister Olmert, for example, is a drunken captain at the helm of a ship headed for an iceberg. An uninspiring power-hungry man mired in corruption and lacking vision, he is leading his country into disaster.

The truth is that people matter. For good or ill, individuals can change the course of history. Recently, the United States has seen what remarkable change the right person can achieve. A tall African-American man did what most thought impossible. No, I am not talking about Barack Obama, but Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett.

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