Newsday Gives Us Some Love

Newsday gives the Iran/Israel piece I co-wrote with Dr.Trita Parsi some love.

It’s tough these days to hear anything calm and rational about Iran.

There are still rumors about a desire deep within the Bush administration to launch a military attack on Iran before a new American president takes office.

A recent Seymour Hersh piece in The New Yorker reports on a presidential decision to allow more covert military operations within Iran.

Congress is moving toward a concurrent resolution, spearheaded in the House by Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Jamaica Estates), urging President George W. Bush to put increasing pressure on Iran. Critics of that resolution say that, although it doesn’t mention the word blockade, the actions it asks Bush to initiate would amount to a blockade.

Israel held a military exercise that seemed designed to show it could mount an attack on Iran. And an Iranian missile test has been widely construed as their way of saying: “Don’t tread on us.”

Into that highly charged atmosphere comes a calm, sensible, intelligent analysis, “Essential things Israelis and Iranians should know about each other,” in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The two authors are Trita Parsi, an Iranian with expertise in Iran-Israel relations, and Roi Ben-Yehuda, an American-Israeli writer. It’s worth reading to get a perspective of the fears and the history of the two nations most central to the dangerous dispute over a potential Iranian nuclear weapon.


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