Quote of the Day: Jackie Mason

With the recent death of George Carlin, the subject of atheism and humor has been in the air. While Carlin was instrumental in using humor to carry forth a philosophical message, he was not alone. For many years Jewish comedians have used humor to go beyond the pale of accepted theological discourse.

Here is a great example from Jackie Mason:

Life has no meaning beyond this reality. But People keep searching for excuses. First there was reincarnation. Then refabrication. Now there’s theories of life after amoebas, after death, between death, around death. Now you comeback again as a shirt, as a pair of pants…. People call it truth, religion: I call it insanity, the denial of death as a basic truth of life. “What is the meaning of life?” is a stupid question. Life just exists. You say to yourself, “I can’t accept that I mean nothing so I have to find the meaning of life so that I shouldn’t mean as little as I know I do.” Subconsciously you know you’re full of shit. I see life as a dance. Does a dance have to have a meaning? You’re dancing because you enjoy it.”

To read more about Jewish atheists, see my Jbooks series of articles entitled “Godless Jews: The Original Atheists With Attitude” You can find part II here, and part III here.

p.s. This quote is by no way an endorsement of Mason’s political views.


3 responses to “Quote of the Day: Jackie Mason

  1. I love both of those guys.

  2. I enjoyed Part 1, highlighting Ernestine Rose’s part in the history of “godless Jews.”
    You note how the conclusion of her essay expresses a “19th Century naivety” lauding the atheist’s commitment to humankind.

    I believe this naivety is applicable to some atheists in our century as well.

  3. thank you Alicia. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me.

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