The Ice-Cream Rule and The Arab-Israeli Conflict.

My new weekly blog spot over at Jewcy:

The Ice-Cream Rule and The Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Growing up in Argentina, my girlfriend Gabriela and her sister Paola cherished ice-cream day. On that day they got to eat as much ice-cream as they could. Only there was a catch. Gabriela’s mother employed the ice cream rule: during ice-cream time, the rule was that one sibling would decide how much ice-cream would go into each bowl, while the other had the right to first pick. That way, if one of the sibling had distributed the ice-cream unevenly, the other benefited. It was an ingenious system designed for fairness.

Now what if we could employ the ice-cream rule to the Arab-Israeli conflict? Imagine the following: President Obama meets with Abbas and Livni/Netanyahu. He gives the latter a map and says, “Go ahead, two states for two people. You draw the boundaries, you choose a capital, and you decide where people have a right to reside. There will be no opposition or interference from Abbas. However, once you finish, it is up to Abbas alone to choose which side to take.”

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One response to “The Ice-Cream Rule and The Arab-Israeli Conflict.

  1. In my family, the rule was “You cut, I choose.” Same effect as the Ice Cream Rule, but more catchy.

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