Haaretz: Muslims Speaking Out Against Hamas

My new article from Haaretz.

As our technology advances and our televisions get flatter, bigger, and clearer, there is still one subject that is broadcast to the world in black and white: the Zionist-Palestinian conflict.

The recent events in Gaza have engendered a predictable world reaction: polarization, anger, hatred, and fear. The left screams “massacre”, while the right wants to get tougher.

Watching the mass protest and reading about strident calls for Israel’s dissolution, we Jews can’t help but get that lonely feeling in the pits of our stomachs: The world is against us. Call it a Pavlovian response conditioned by persecution on a mass scale.

But the pro-Israel camp would be wise to pay attention not only to the bellicose cries coming from the mosques and streets, but also to the Muslim voices courageously speaking out against Hamas.

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3 responses to “Haaretz: Muslims Speaking Out Against Hamas

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  2. Sorry I may not be your blood brother but I have to tell you though I’m not an Israeli I am not against Israel.
    I want to apologize what the Portuguese people did to the Jews some centuries ago. But now I join my hands with yours on the fight against those who choose to die for nothing but lies.
    May Jaweh be with its people.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    Thank you for your heart-felt comments.


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