My Blunder: Corrected By An Anonymous Reader.

Yesterday, I published an entry claiming that in his WSJ Op-ed Benjamin Netanyahu had incorrectly stated that during WWII, “Britain responded to the firing of thousands of rockets on its population with the wholesale bombing of German cities.” I was under the impression that it was Churchill who first ordered a massive bombing raid on Berlin; not in response to similar attacks by the Germans, but rather as a last ditch and desperate effort to divert the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) from completely destroying its British counterpart (a gamble that had worked).

A reader of my blog had written to me to point out that some German planes had in fact bombed central london on August 24, 1940 – a night before the RAF attacked Berlin. I checked it out, and he/she was right. While this does not alter the claim that by carpet-bombing Berlin, Churchill hoped to strategically bait Hitler to (further and officially) retaliate and attack London, I had incorrectly stated that Churchill fired the first shoot (and that Netanyahu’s claim was wrong). As a result I deleted the old entry. I thank the reader for their feedback.


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