What If Hamas’ Rockets Hit Tel-Aviv?

My latest report from France 24:

After 22 days of war that left scores of people dead and injured, Israel and Hamas have both declared a ceasefire. Was so much bloodshed necessary to reach an end to the hostilities? The Israeli response, given the dire threat that it faces, has been affirmative. Yet many across the world are not convinced: With over 1200 Palestinian dead (including many civilians), a lot of people believe that Israel used disproportionate and excessive force.

In an effort to show the world the seriousness of the Israeli perspective, two students from a school in the south of Israel created an artistic project illustrating the daily lives of those living under target of Hamas rockets in southern Israel. The project is entitled, “Distance Is Only A Matter of Time” and culminates with a controversial film (also aimed at apathetic Israelis) that simulates a rocket being launched in Gaza and hitting Tel-Aviv.

To read Observer commentary from the makers of the film, as well as a critical rejoinder by Lisa Goldman, click here. You can also read a defense of Tel-Aviv by Yair Lapid here.


2 responses to “What If Hamas’ Rockets Hit Tel-Aviv?

  1. I don’t remember my website but it’s listed on facebook. I live in Tel Aviv. I’m a poet. I’ll send you a recent poem about the recent Gaza War.

    I’m glad I found your website.

    My husband is also a writer. He says he’ll communicate with you too.

  2. The Gaza War

    I scream to my husband
    about the reportage on the French news channel
    “Oh, my mother said they’ve always been like that
    you just became a Jew yesterday
    you don’t have a thick skin”

    I remember my father holding my hand on the train platform
    A velvet dress on Rosh Hashana
    we weren’t religious
    but I was afraid
    when I saw Hitler in the newsreels anyway

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