Was Michael Jackson A Muslim?

Did Michael Jackson convert to Islam? Doubtful, says writer Ali Eteraz.

One of the surprising traffic trends that I have noticed are the amount of Muslims from all over the world storming Muslim web-sites in the West hoping to a) find out whether all the rumors about Jackson being a Muslim were true and therefore whether he would receive a Muslim janaza or funeral prayer and b) wishing him well in loquacious ways. The question of Jackson’s relation to Islam is on the mind of many Muslims and a considerable number of them are either hopeful or convinced that he did convert. Therefore, I figured I would look into the matter a little bit. Most of my investigation has revealed that Jackson was not a Muslim and in fact most of the Muslim personalities who were allegedly responsible for his conversion all deny the possibility as well.

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Better not break the news to these guys:

Ok, Ok, don’t get too (soft power) happy, here is the original.

I believe the traditional dance is called Ardha.


3 responses to “Was Michael Jackson A Muslim?

  1. Hey Roi,

    First of all: I loved, and I stress the verb “loved”, watching the Ardha…man, can they dance? Fantastic!!

    Now, Michael Jackson was never a Muslim (he could have become one if he wanted, but he didn’t). But I understand the Muslims, I really do…Cape Verdeans always think that every mulatto is from Cape Verde (hey, they even said that Beyoncé’s mom was from there)…

    What made me sad was to read the original article where the reporter says that in a comment section of a certain site people were implying that MJ would only meet the creator if he were Muslim *nodding*. They are no different than the Evangelicals (who said “if he was a believer he went to heaven for sure; but if he was a Catholic or something else may God have mercy on his soul”…please).


  2. Hello,
    You appear to be smart fully-grown adults (the writer and commenter).
    I believe that you don’t know enough about the world and it’s beliefs to be making so many conclusions like that.
    About the dance. I personnally; as a 17 year old Muslim girl, I am obliged not to mock others for whatever reason and give reason to what they might do. Connecting to a saying of the Prophet Mohammed; peace be upon him,that a Muslim has got to give 77 reasons to others & their actions; before, saying they are faulty, and that means that; for most of the times, you will not even reach the 50 and find people’s faults.
    And afterall I would never expect to see you two, a chinese woman or a Latin American knowing how to dance the ‘Yola’; a well known traditional dance of the U.A.E. , or I would be unrealistic.
    About Mickel Jackson, the grear King Of Pop.
    I think that people have the freedom to think and question whatever they want to, meanwhile making conclusion about things is never a good thing to do. I have also read a few articles that talk about the funeral online, most of them have ended saying ‘Let’s wait and see’, thats all.
    Janaza is not a word describing a Muslim funeral,
    it is translated as funeral in English.

  3. I as a muslim, believe that Michael Jackson was a good person whether he was a muslim or not. He was a good person with such an amazing personality and all those fingers being pointed at him gave him a really hard time. He’s probably the most famous person alive to be given the most hardest time. Though there we’re false accusations of him molesting little children, he took it all in and ignored everyone’s comments.

    He and his brothers were abused badly by their father whilst they we’re in a band called the “jackson five”, he used to whip them with belts and hit them with metal etc. Now you may think, as i’ve read in some comments “big deal, there are so many kids who would of died for his luxurious childhood”, i agree but in a video on youtube called “living with michael jackson” he tells the presenter that he forgave his father and he had to forgive him because he is his father. Now this clearly states that Michael’s beliefs are very much connected to islam, islam teaches us to love and forgive our parents no mater what they do to us and i think michael jackson was a very faithful person.
    He may not of been a muslim,but his beliefs we’re still the same as a muslims.
    So i believe he should get his share of heaven!

    Inshallah you will finally be resting in peace mikeel

    Love, Your biggest fan, Afshan!

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