Like Father, Like Son? Netanyahu’s Father Says Son Not Serious About Two-State Solution.

In a controversial interview with Israel’s Channel II News, the father of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Professor Benzion Netanyahu, says that his son does not support a Palestinian state. The elder Netanyahu, claims that the prime Minister told him he deliberately placed impossible conditions before the Palestinians.

Here are excerpts from the interview. When asked if his son really changed his position concerning a Palestinian state, the 100 year-old historian unequivocally answered: (translation mine)

“He does not support. He supports such conditions that they (the Arabs) will never accept it. That is what I heard from him. I didn’t propose these conditions, he did. They will never accept these conditions. Not one of them.”

When asked about his own personal opinion about a Palestinian state, the senior Netanyahu stated:

Herzl and Nordau (fathers of zionist movement) did not labor to create a Palestinian state. This land is Jewish land and not a land for the Arabs. There is no place here for Arabs, and there wont be a place here for the Arabs. They will never agree to the conditions.

Quick comment: Kadima issued a statement declaring: “Today it is clear, even Bibi does not believe Bibi.” Tomorrow people are going to jump on these comments as proof positive that PM Netanyahu never was or will be interested in a two solution to the Zionist Palestinian conflict (what I have previously argued). After all, who knows him better than his father?

However, I am bothered here by one question: If Benzion knew that his son was deliberately sabotaging the peace process why state so in public? Is it possible that the father feared his son would actually do the unthinkable, thereby forcing him to make statements which would harm his son’s intentions? In other words, contrary to Kadima’s position, is this proof that Bibi is serious?

Doubtful, but I cant really make sense of why he would make these statements. Benzion could simply be a very old-man who lost the ability/desire to play the political game. Yet his words betray a lucid and sharp mind that knows what is at stake. Strange. Very strange.


2 responses to “Like Father, Like Son? Netanyahu’s Father Says Son Not Serious About Two-State Solution.

  1. Roi, I agree. While I believe that Bibi did exactly that – set stakes that no one would accept – and wrote about it in my own blog, I am troubled a bit by some more recent statements… However, I don’t find it so odd that the father said what he did… I think your assessment that he may be tired of playing political games probably is true. My hope & prayer is that Bibi will also get tired of playing political games, nachon?

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