Fear of the Enemy, Fear of the Friend.

In my latest article for CGNews’ special series on the impact of fear on the Arab-Israeli conflict, I explore the emotion of what I call “fear of the friend.” Less well known than fear of the enemy, fear of the friend can be equally problematic and harmful to peacemaking. I try to explain why this is so and what are the ways in which we can respond to and mitigate this fear. Hope you find it interesting.

You can read the article here. As always, if the spirit moves you, please let me know what you think.


3 responses to “Fear of the Enemy, Fear of the Friend.

  1. Great article, also, the featured video next to you article features Vital voices, great organisation featuring vocalist Smadar levi.

  2. By writing this article, not only are you letting all of us know of the importance of moral courage, but also you are reenforcing Noa’s courage.
    Great article!

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