Insensitive Israeli Ad (courtesy of Cellcom).

Voice over at the end: “What do we all want? Some fun, that’s all”.


5 responses to “Insensitive Israeli Ad (courtesy of Cellcom).

  1. The add was insensitive? or did I misunderstand your oppinion..? :/
    I mean, I believe it points at the humanity of all people regardless of what side they are on, and this, seeing humanity, gives hope. The sooner that people mirror themself in others, the sooner they have empathy, and the sooner the violence will end.

  2. Hi Ina,

    Thanks for writing your comment. Because I plan on writing on this, I wont say too much. I will simply explain that I see this advert as insensitive because A) the Palestinians are rendered invisible [which is how most Israelis like them] B) the wall – which is a symbol of Palestinian suffering and helplessness – is not a playground (Palestinians don’t want to play ball with Israelis they want to be free).

    I realize that the message meant to be different, but it shows how out of touch the people who created it actually are.

    Regardless of how you see the wall/fence, I believe that one should act with more humility when dealing with something that is the source of so much suffering to people.

  3. The only reason the wall was built is because of Palestinian suicide attacks. Israeli soldiers are no villains – they simply protect the lives of the ordinary Israeli civilians. Easy to be “Free Palestine” Jew when you are not actually living in Sderot or Jerusalem.

    The ad shows that in the end Israelis and Palestinians are just vibrant, fun-loving people who, given the right opportunity, would rather play soccer with each other instead of fighting wars. This ad is anti-war.

  4. unadulteratedtruth

    i’ve written a long article discussing the merits and mistakes of the ad. it’s on my blog and you can probably click it above in the “related posts,” called “cellcom’s israeli commercial sidelines palestinian suffering.” it’s a relatively well balanced article.

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