Shye Ben-Tzur: Uniting Jews and Muslims Through Music.

A recent article about the amazing Shye Ben-Tzur

“Ben Tzur, who has been living and making music in India for over a decade now, has a small but devoted following here. In Israel, however, he is something of a legend, at least among an eastward-looking (and boisterous and increasingly influential) fringe. “Usually, when Israelis leave Israel to develop their creativity elsewhere, people grumble,” says Jacque Mizrahi, a music critic in Tel Aviv, “but in Shye’s case, everyone is very supportive, because what he does in India he could only do in India, and he is bringing it back to us, enriching us and letting us live this incredible fantasy, vicariously.”


5 responses to “Shye Ben-Tzur: Uniting Jews and Muslims Through Music.

  1. Hi, Shye Ben Tzur is performing live in Israel. Two shows on Shoshan Live. April 24th at Shuni in Binyamin and April 30th at Reading in Tel Aviv. Do help us spread the word.

  2. Shye Ben Tzur is just wonderful. I really love his music & he is a great example of a peacemaker. I hope I see him one day,


  3. Great Music …..and a Wonderful Human being!!..
    These men needs little more attention and popularity..let the world knew there can be a better life by synchronizing 2 cultures!!..

    All the best by brother…All the best

  4. I just saw him live at his North Amercian debut at the Ashkenazi Festival in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) the weekend of 1 Sept.
    What an amazing show – beautiful music and such an amazing blend of cultures and themes. Mesmerizng — and so much contagious energy. LOVED IT!

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