The New Inquisition: Video Against Jewish Assimilation.

During the Middle Ages, the Inquisition used to “inspire” people to inform on individuals who were secretly Jewish, today, the Israeli government in partnership with the Jewish Agency is getting people to inform on Jews who are not Jewish enough.

In a morose video that harkens back to the [anachronistic] Zionist notion of shlilat ha’galut, the Israeli government and Jewish Agency have called on Israelis to identify “lost children” – i.e. assimilated Jews living in the Diaspora. The purpose of the advert is to send these wayward Jews on a year-long identity-strengthening stay in Israel, courtesy of Masa.

The advert asks its viewers “Do you know a young Jew in the Diaspora? Call the Masa project and together we will strengthen his ties to Israel so that he will not get lost on us.”

Oy vey, I can already envision my grandmother (Tata) calling:

Tata: Hello. Hello.

Masa: Shalom.

Tata: Shalom. I am calling to report a lost Jew.

Masa: Yes, please continue.

Tata: Not just any lost Jew, an Israeli living in the US.

Masa: Excellent.

Tata: How much is the reward?

Masa: Um, there is no financial reward. You will be satisfied to know that you are helping bring a lost sheep back to his flock. So how do you know this individual?

Tata: He is my grandchild.

Masa: Ok. How do you know he is assimilated?

Tata: Well, for starters he married a shiksa.

Masa: Yes. That is terrible. A sure sign that he is assimilated.

Tata: Don’t get me wrong. She is a lovely girl. Smart, beautiful and kind. They are happy together. They even celebrate the Jewish holidays together. But she is not Jewish. She is not Jewish!

Masa: Well, we can take care of that.

Tata: Conversion?

Masa: No, no, in the spirit of Ezra the scribe, we are going to get him to divorce her and marry a nice Jewish girl.

Tata: That seems harsh.

Masa: Don’t worry; in the end he will thank you. More importantly, you will have nachas.

Tata: Finally, an organization that gets me.

Masa: Yes we do. Mazal tov on taking the first step. We will take it from here.

Tata: Ok, just don’t tell him I called you.

Masa: No problem. It will be our little secret.


7 responses to “The New Inquisition: Video Against Jewish Assimilation.

  1. Karin Bookatz (Lewis)

    That IS a very harsh and disconcerting video. I wonder how effective it will be. I love the conversation with your grandmother — very funny.

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  3. I love your wife and I even gave her the name “Ein Domea la” I even liked the real shiksa…

    I hate Masa!

  4. Thank Gd someone finally had the balls to make such a video. I think that Americans should stop being such sensitive pansies. Intermarriage IS a problem for Jews. Assimilation IS a problem for Israel. Lets stop being so weak and realize that its important to stay Jewish and there isn’t a problem in fighting for that.

  5. If Jews believe that intermarriage and loss of one’s heritage is catastrophic for Jews, and will weakening there gene code I agree . But as a white European Gentile I see hypocrisy when Jewish leaders push for multiculturalism and race mixing for white Europeans . I respect Jews who wish to keep there heritage Jewish . I refuse to call that racist ! I only ask for the same respect , not to be called racist for desiring to keep my heritage . I believe God put different tribes on the earth for his purpose . If you agree with the above sentience , then you can make an argument that those who are pushing for race mixing are wrong . Be they pushing for race mixing of the Jewish race or the mixing of white Europeans with other tribes ! I believe the Jewish race is unique in God’s sight and have the right to survive . I also believe my tribe is unique in God’s sight and has the right to survive .

  6. Assimilation is unavoidable, its just part of the human experience.

  7. if you don’t feel Jewish traditions are important, why is it so important for you to continue to identify yourself as a Jew? Why not just be an American?
    So you were born in Israel, there are plenty of immigrants in America. it is a melting pot.
    My guess is, as you are a recent immigrant, and in light of your unfamiliar name, you need to over compensate in an effort to endear yourself to your new surroundings.
    Comparing this program that helps young people rediscover their heritage to the Spanish Inquisition is a bit of a stretch, no?
    It’s ironic too, as the Inquisition actually promoted assimilation (with excellent results).

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