A Toast For Peace: Violence and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

My latest from Haaretz.

A couple of weeks ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced his intention to pass a bill that would ban alcohol from kiosks and gas stations as well as limit its sales and advertisement. The purpose of the bill is to reduce the seemingly rising level of violence and road accidents inside Israel.

The subject of violence and alcohol has been recently seared into the consciousness of Israelis when a group of inebriated teenagers attacked a family of three at a Tel-Aviv beach, brutally murdering the father.

That killing was just one of many harrowing accounts of high-profile crimes reported in Israel this summer – including a mother starving her child, a father killing his toddler, a dismembered woman found in a burning garbage bin, another dismembered woman found in a river, and a shooting at a gay youth center.

Reflecting on this phenomenon, Haaretz columnist and former politician Yossi Sarid aptly wrote that violence in Israel is undergoing privatization

“The state no longer has a monopoly over the use of force. We meet violence everywhere: in the army, schools, hospitals, publicly, privately, driving and parking.”

While there may be a relationship between violence and alcohol consumption, in a society like Israel, where heavy drinking is not the norm, Netanyahu’s new law is akin to putting a band-aid over a tumor.

If the Prime Minister is really interested in meaningfully reducing violence in Israeli society, which he surely is, he should focus all his energies on ending the conflict with the Palestinians.

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5 responses to “A Toast For Peace: Violence and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

  1. nice post, certainly there were studies about increases of violence in the US during Vietnam —

  2. la montagne a accouché d’ une souris!

  3. As another Israeli peacenik living in America I think your article is just what the doctor ordered. I imagine you experience Israel similarly to me: we visit every so often and so we are exposed to the culture in periodic bursts. To me, at least, changes and trends are more glaring through this perspective. I have been trying for some time to express to others that I see Israeli society paying its own price for occupying the Palestinians but I have never succeeded so eloquently as you have here.
    Interestingly enough, even though I read Haaretz pretty often, I actually found your article while browsing the George Mason Conflict Resolution website. I’m considering going there for the same program and I wonder if I could ask for your thoughts about the program over email if that’s convenient for you.
    Thanks and Shannah Tovah!

  4. Hi Yotam,

    Thank you for the kind words. I would be happy to talk with you about ICAR. However, I am only in my first semester as ph.d student, so I am not sure how helpful I can be. But you and I should def be in touch. My email: rbenyehuda76@hotmail.com

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