Wrongful Treatment of Messianic Jews In Israel

Over at Harry’s Place, a good article about the wrongful treatment of messianic Jews in Israel. The article also quotes and references what I have written on the subject for Jewcy.

It seems that the unholy alliance between state and the ultra-Orthodox establishment has created the absurd reality of inverse crypto-Judaism: Where in the medieval era Jews who had converted to Christianity kept their Judaism in secret, today many Messianics feel compelled to hide their beliefs from the rest of Israeli society. The price of disclosure may not be a visit to the Israeli equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition, yet social ostracism, harassment, bullying, and state-sanctioned discrimination is enough to keep many (though not all) living secret lives.

The article was written by the Rosh Pina Project, a new blog that describes itself as:

An online meeting place for Messianic Jews and all those who believe that Messianic Jews deserve fair treatment in Israel and the Diaspora, and protection as a religious minority in Israel. Yeze and Gever, both affiliated with Messianic Jewish fellowships, are currently the main contributors to this site. The Rosh Pina Project will be highlighting the persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel, unfair treatment of Messianic Jews in the mainstream media, and post cultural and political reviews.

Please visit the blog and support the important work that they are doing.

7 responses to “Wrongful Treatment of Messianic Jews In Israel

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  3. “Yeze and Gever, both affiliated with Messianic Jewish fellowships, are currently the main contributors to this site.”

    Maybe, maybe not. They are anonymous and therefore, unlike the rest of us, their claims cannot be verified.

  4. Get a life Carl!

  5. Comparison? Jews in the time of the inquisition to Messianics? You must know this (and for some reason blindsided yourself) but I’ll say it anyway. Jews of the inquisition were forced to go into hiding for practicing judaism with their families, in no way attempting to influence others into becoming jews. Messianic jews are attempting to pass of christian dogma as jewish, tricking less educated jews into becoming christians. They are stealing, yes actively stealing through trickery, the minds & souls of Jews. Just walk into a messianic church & see who they have grabbed, the uneducated the immigrants, those who are most vulnerable.Even the most respected in the non-Jewish world, people the likes of the dali lama & the former pope john paul have discouraged others & themselves refused to proletyze to Jews, recognizing the bloody source of this practice from the dark centuries of countless burning at the stake. What is your agenda then in supporting the Messianics? Obviously there is a lot of self-conflict in a conflict in this conflict resolution expert.

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