The About-Face of Elvis Costello: Why the Singer’s Unexpected Crossover to the Israeli Boycott Campaign is a Mistake.

My latest from The Daily Beast.

When Elvis Costello this week canceled two upcoming shows in Israel, Twitter lit up with praise and condemnation.

And surprise.

Just two weeks earlier, the singer-songwriter had said he was against a cultural boycott: “The people who call for a boycott of Israel own the narrow view that performing there must be about profit and endorsing the hawkish policy of the government,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “It’s like never appearing in the U.S. because you didn’t like Bush’s policies or boycotting England because of Margaret Thatcher.”

So what brought about Costello’s change of heart?

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* Update: You can read Margaret Atwood’s response to my article here.


8 responses to “The About-Face of Elvis Costello: Why the Singer’s Unexpected Crossover to the Israeli Boycott Campaign is a Mistake.

  1. The Palestinians have “Love Hitler” parades and put up Nazi swastikas on their school was (we have photos of those). Hitler’ Mein Kampf book is a best seller over there. Maybe Elvis will lead one of those parades and then do a public reading of Hitler’ Mein Kampf book in the schools…

  2. Catherine, what photos are you talking about?

  3. There are many books, publications, photo copies, and web sites that show this, but here is one:

  4. That “God Bless Hitler” sign is clearly photoshopped: the angles of the letters show it’s a fake. Pretty shoddy stuff….

  5. That photo was taken by Arab Palestinians and posted the very day on their web sites. Go talk to them about any “doctoring”.

  6. When you post pictures without attribution it isn’t easy to tell where they’re from, is it? Do you have a site from which you took them?

  7. So I used Tineye to track down the photo… it’s on 113 sites, all pro-Zionist and Islamophobic. The only source I could find was this “that is the work of a Texas-based group called “Protest Warrior” – right wing American zionists who like to infliltrate progressive marches while carrying horrific signs, in order to piss off peace activists and make progressive groups look like a bunch of crackpots and anti-semites” (

    Nothing to see here, move on folks. Just another troll with faked signs.

  8. Roi,

    What can I say? Mr. Costello, as a human being, is free to do whatever he wants (that we have fought for the freedom of speech, of thought and actions); but as an artist he is bound to respect his fans. And if Israel has fans of his songs (which I personally do not see the reason why) then he should respect those fans (who also contribute to his wealth) and perform in Israel, no matter what.

    This is why I always say that artists should not meddle in politics. It is antithetic with their class. But anyway…

    About this social-political boycott: people are ridiculous; they don’t think and as the sheep they are, they simply repeat what Leftists (from around the world) spit onto the air everyday. They fatigue me…


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