SKA-P: Anti-Zionist Spanish Ska-Punk.

Lyrics give you a sense how stupid and distorted the thinking around this conflict has become. Having said that, the music is admittingly catchy.


2 responses to “SKA-P: Anti-Zionist Spanish Ska-Punk.

  1. Dear Lord!

    I am used to hear the silliest and stupidest arguments about the conflict in the Middle East, but this song surpasses all that irrationality *nodding*.
    The Spanish should focus more on the ETA issue (the Basque country believes to be occupied by Spain and commit terrorist attacks against the Spanish nearly on a daily basis…Hmmm…this reminds me of Hamas’ and its buddies’ attacks on Israel); but then again, maybe Ska-P are buddies with ETA, which would explain their stupidity.


  2. Oh ya, when children and women are massacred, Palestinians are evicted from their home, olive trees are uprooted, Illegal settlements are built, Jews are lying on daily basis, etc, do not then blame or be fed up of this type of songs.

    I guess you are already bored of what I mentioned above.

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